HPL Passports

Recently, we have launched our exciting HPL Passports!  Students from Y1-Y9 now can complete extra-curricular activities that demonstrate how the VAAs and ACPs are used in their everyday life.  There are 3 levels of Passport:

Level 1 – Y1-Y2

Level 2 – Y3-Y6

Level 3 – Y7-Y9

All students are given a blank copy of the passports when they join GFM and these are signed by an adult every time they complete an activity. When all activities from one VAA or ACP are completed, students will receive a celebratory badge and awards will be distributed when whole Passports are completed.  We hope you will agree that this is an incredibly exciting opportunity for all involved and we look forward to sharing their successes in the coming months.  Please do encourage your child to complete as many tasks as they can.  We will be celebrating the form class and students who have made the most progress regularly and sharing examples on our Social Media platforms!


Download Our HPL Passports Activities