School Policies


  • GEMS Child Safeguarding Commitment Statement 2022

  • GFM Acceptable Use Policy

  • GFM Admission Policy

  • GFM Attendance and Punctuality Policy

  • GFM Admissions Policy Ar

  • GFM Anti-Bullying Policy

  • GFM Assessment Policy

  • GFM Attitude to Learning (The Secondary School) Policy

  • GFM Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

  • GFM Consecutive Absence for Students Policy

  • GFM Counselling Policy

  • GFM Curriculum Policy

  • GFM Data Protection Policy

  • GFM E-Safety Policy

  • GFM First Aid Policy

  • GFM Health And Safety Policy

  • GFM Inclusions Policy En

  • GFM Inclusions Policy Ar

  • GFM Induction And Transition Policy

  • GFM Infection Control And Medication Policy

  • GFM IT Online Security Guidance For Parents

  • GFM Marking and Feedback Policy

  • GFM Mobile Phone Policy

  • GFM Modern Foreign Languages Policy (French and Arabic B)

  • GFM Out of School Activities Policy

  • GFM Parents' Complaint Policy

  • GFM Phonics Policy

  • GFM High Performance Learning Policy(Gifted &Talented)

  • GFM Primary School Bus Protocol flow chart

  • GFM Promotion of Positive Relationships and Behaviour Policy (Primary &FS)

  • GFM Reading Policy

  • GEMS Safeguarding Policy

  • GFM Secondary School Bus Protocol flow chart

  • GFM Social Media Policy

  • GFM Teaching and Learning Policy

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