Key Stage 5

KS5 at GFM – 2024/2025

Over the last few years, our school has continued to grow from strength to strength. From small beginnings, we are now a successful and popular choice for many parents and students, and we are continuing to develop on our journey towards becoming a world-class school.

Due to our success we were very proud to open our first Key Stage 5 provision for students in Years 12 and 13 in September 2022.This has continued to expand with a greater range of academic and enrichment choices.

Our vision is to empower people to have the heart to celebrate uniqueness and the mind to be innovative, creative problem solvers, bringing a positive change to the world in which we live. We have a passionate and dedicated leadership team, as well as a team of inspirational and highly training teaching staff, to enable the very best provision to be available for students within an affordable fees structure. We very much hope you will see that at GFM we are passionate about student academic outcomes, but also about preparing students for the next stages of their lives. We would be privileged and honoured for you to join us on your journey.

GEMS Founders School Al Mizhar teaches the UK curriculum and follows the National Curriculum for England. The education system in the UK has produced some of the world’s greatest thinkers, scientists, mathematicians, writers and artists, both in the past and present. It will continue to do so into the future. The qualifications that can be achieved through this system are highly respected and are internationally recognized by universities and other higher education institutions. 

What are A Levels?
Advanced level qualifications (known as A Levels) are subject-based qualifications that demonstrate students have a more in depth knowledge and understanding of their subject area than that required at GCSE level. They are often described as the ‘gold standard’ of KS5 examinations. Successful completion of A Levels within Years 12 and 13 will open up a number of future life pathways – including university, other further education/study, training schemes and the world of work.
Here at GFM we offer a range of A Level options. This is to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum for all, but also to make sure that our KS5 students will have every opportunity to continue onto any future academic pathway of their choice in the future.
Note – A Levels completed through the UK system are highly respected globally. However, potential students are advised to ensure that the exit qualifications achieved will satisfy the higher education requirements for their desired destination. Advice on this can be sought from the school if you are unsure. 

What are BTECs?
BTECs are skill based career focused qualifications for those students who are suited to this pathway. Every year over a million students across fifty countries complete BTEC qualifications and they are increasingly being recognized internationally. Level 3 BTECsThere will also be vocational courses in L3 BTEC available in Applied Sciences, Sport, Business and Information Technology. Level 3 BTECs are now accepted as part of the equivalency certificate in the UAE. Details of these BTEC courses, and the entry requirements, can be found within this prospectus.
Note – As is the case with all schools, the offering of these subjects is dependent on viable student numbers, as well as students meeting our entrance criteria. The school will always do whatever it can to ensure that students receive their first choice courses – but this cannot be guaranteed.

Compulsory subjects
At GFM, all students will take the following compulsory subjects:
• Arabic MOE – for those students with an Arabic passport
• Islamic Studies – for Muslim students
• Moral Education
This is in line with other schools and is a requirement from the KHDA.

Students will also have timetabled sessions of Physical Education (PE). PE is incredibly important in supporting our students with their health, state of mind and effective study. Studies have proven that physical exercise, good health and mental wellbeing contribute to improved academic performance. This will be increasingly important in KS5 where academic demands on students will be even higher than they were lower down in the school.
 In addition to academic study, students will be provided with a range of enrichment activities and programmes to further prepare them for University applications and the world of work. This will include:
• A wide range of enrichment activities run through the school timetable, after school and online.
• Skills, character and competencies training through form time and assemblies.
• The dedicated support of our Director of Aspirations to support, guide through university applications, and advise on future pathways.
• Links, talks and opportunities for visits to and from universities.
• Timetabled independent study sessions to enable private study and support for university applications.
• Additional opportunities to complete EPQs (Extended Project Qualifications), Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and MUN participation to support University entry.


Entry requirements
Application to Key Stage 5 at GFM will be open to all students who qualify by success at GCSE level. Those who are admitted will have a record of examination success at GCSE and have demonstrated that they are capable of moving on to more advanced study. Students who have a record of poor attendance or attitude towards their studies are unlikely to benefit from an A Level course.

Entry is conditional on students meeting the following prerequisites:
At least 5 IGCSE/GCSEs achieved at Grades 4 or above, including English and Mathematics.
Students must attain grades A*- C (grade 4 or above in the new) GCSE/IGCSE in the subjects intended to study at BTEC.
Students must attain a Grade 6 or higher in the subjects intended to study at A Level. For Mathematics A Level a Grade 7 will be required, and for Sciences Grade 7 will be required (Grade 8 if Combined Science).  In some subjects where there are more students wishing to take a course than places available, we may demand higher level GCSE entry qualification. Students wishing to study Further Mathematics A Level must achieve a Grade 9.
Successful interview with members of our academic team.
External candidates from UK curriculum schools should provide reports from the last two academic years from their previous school.

All applications are reviewed and conditional offers are made subject to attainment at GCSE. Students who do not meet the minimum requirements will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Students applying from curriculums other than the National Curriculum for England are welcome to apply and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
As with all schools GFM reserves the right to not offer a place to any student who fails to meet the entry requirements above, as well as for any student with a low attendance record or a record that demonstrates a poor attitude to learning. This decision will be made by the school only.

Courses will only be run with viable student numbers and our course choice structure may be subject to change. We will always share full information about this.


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