GEMS Founders School, Al Mizhar is an inclusive school and our Mission is ‘Together we inspire creative, mindful learners who value diversity, support one another and strive for success'.

The GEMS vision for Inclusive Education is that we achieve excellence together by all students receiving the support they need to meaningfully belong to their school and the wider community, feel valued for their contributions, engage purposefully in learning and experience academic, cultural, social and emotional success in a common learning environment.

At GEMS Founders School, Al Mizhar we welcome children with a range of learning preferences, including students of determination (students with special education needs and disabilities), students who are gifted and talented and students who are English Language Learners. Our staff are committed to educating all students in a common learning environment with similar-aged peers. At GEMS Founders School, Al Mizhar diversity is made visible as a strength, respectful relationships are continually enhanced and all children fully participate in learning through adjustments and teaching strategies tailored to meet the diverse range of learners reflected in wider society.

Please share full details of any special educational needs, individual education plans (IEPs) and any Educational Psychologist, Pediatric, or other specialist reports (e.g., Speech and Language or Occupational Therapy) if completed. Sharing educational history with At GEMS Founders School, Al Mizhar prior to a place being offered is essential so that staff can ensure an appropriate assessment of educational need, educational plan and resourcing is in place. Admission is not conditional on the submission of medical diagnosis and we have effective transition processes in place for all children without a formal diagnosis.

Students are not refused admission based only on their experience of a special education need or disability (SEND) and we give sibling priority for admission to students who experience SEND. Staff follow KHDA guidance and procedures for scenarios where, very rarely, it may not be in the best interests of the child to be placed in at GEMS Founders School, Al Mizhar. This information will be shared with the KHDA, following expected procedures. Due to current demand for places at GEMS Founders, Al Mizhar we are not always able to offer a place.



Advocating for Inclusive Education – A guide for parents

This guide is the first of its kind designed to enable parents become better informed and more confident as they navigate the best way forward for their children of determination. 

Click Here to Read it through

Download Our Inclusions Policies

  • Executive Council Resolution No2

  • KHDA Directives and Guidelines for Inclusive Education 2020

  • KHDA Dubai Inclusive Education Policy

  • Law No2 of 2014

  • UN Convention of Rights for Persons with Disabilities

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