High Performance Award

The HPA (High Performance Award) program is an exciting opportunity to develop essential life-long skills

The HPA program is not only an exciting opportunity to develop essential life-long skills to empower students to thrive in an ever-changing world but also an opportunity to celebrate the efforts of our students. Our commitment towards a child’s learning goes beyond textbooks.  We aim to prepare our students where adaptability, critical thinking and resilience are paramount.  Join us on the journey of cultivating lifelong skills that will pave the way for a future full of possibilities. Together, let’s build a foundation for success that lasts a lifetime. 
All students are given a blank copy of the passports when they join GFM and these are signed by their tutor or class teacher every time they complete an activity. It is an expectation that children complete all the activities from each of the skills set and get the passports signed off by their tutor or class teacher.
We invite you to be a part of this exciting world of learning as parents and carers.  

Padlet links for booklets

  • FS Discovery Passport Link Here
  • KS1 Creativity Passport Link Here
  • KS2 Innovators Passport Link Here
  • KS3 Entrepreneur Passport Link Here