Virtual Webinars

GFM Virtual Webinars 2021-2022


Meet The Emirati Liaison
BSME – Computational Thinking
Expo @GFM 
Foundation Stage EXPO 
HPL MLT Hardworking 
Know The Curriculum (Y10 ICT Students)
KS1 Reading Webinar
Literacy Assembly
Meet and Greet Our Careers Counsellor 
Meet the Inclusions Team 
Meet the Head of Year 7 and the Year 7 form teachers 
Year 01 Phonics Webinar


Doodle Maths Webinar 
English Writing in Key Stage 2 
Phonics in FS
Foundation Stage Personal, Social and Emotional Development 
FS HPL Assembly - Pink Day Awareness
Keeping Our Children E-Safe
Maths in KS2
KS2 Reading Webinar 
Math Webinar KS1
Reading in upper Key Stag 2 (Y05&Y06)
Roald Dahl Day - Primary 



50th National Day Live Event at GFM
Computational Thinking @GFM
HPL Assembly For Foundation Stage
Physical Development in Early Childhood


Evidence Me, Quality Observations and Communication in Foundation Stage


Foundation Stage Live Assembly
High Performance Learning at GFM Secondary School
Key Stage 5 (Year 12) @ GFM Secondary School
Staff and Communication Overview
We Are All Storytellers