Mai Sobh

Occupational Therapist


My name is Mai Sobh/Mayy and I am a DHA licensed Occupational Therapist with an excellent 9 years of experience with kids. I also worked with geriatrics and adults before starting my journey as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist. I lived between Palestine and the UAE for most of my life, and stayed some time in Africa. I started my career life here in the UAE in 2016. Throughout my time as an Occupational Therapist till now I have been blessed to deliver therapy to hundreds of extraordinary and diverse children across 3 different countries; Palestine, UAE and Africa. Most importantly, I have acquired invaluable human values from the inspiring children and families that I have worked with. I have a huge believe that every child has their own unique potentials and capabilities when being looked after and taken care of on an emotional/ physical level.

I have a vast experience in working with kids with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Global Developmental Delay, Traumatic brain injury, down syndrome and sensory processing disorders. I’m also certified in Sensory Integration, Music Therapy, Play Therapy, and advanced trainings in Cerebral Palsy, Visual impairment mobility. experienced with assistive devices and environmental modifications. 

Being an Occupational Therapist is something I’ve always been passionate about and can be demonstrated through my motive and commitment to kids of Determination. Before joining GEMS education, I worked at Kids First Medical Centre as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist alongside with a magnificent team of Neurologists, Speech Therapists, Physiotherapists, Special Educators and Families (as family considered to be a focal point of the treatment plan). I believe in team work and the value of having a various speciality working professionally hand in hand, to provide the needed support to the kids in the best way possible.

I have already had the pleasure of meeting so many AMAZING kids and families at the GEMS Schools that I’m working with, who have already left a remarkable touch in my heart. I look forward to working in partnership with you as an Occupational Therapist, to deliver the best needed support and guidance, as we support the children to reach their ultimate potential and growth.