Exams and Results

GCSE Results Summary

Our students have achieved an impressive overall result, reflecting their commitment to their studies. A significant number of our students have achieved top grades, showcasing their exceptional knowledge and skills. Our students have excelled across various subjects, demonstrating their versatility and academic prowess. We have witnessed significant progress and improvement in the performance of many of our students, reflecting the effectiveness of our teaching and support.

I am thrilled to celebrate our students' exceptional achievements in GCSE English and Mathematics. Their outstanding results are a testament to their hard work, resilience, and the dedicated support of our staff. These accomplishments not only reflect their academic capabilities but also our high expectations, our environment and #TheGFMWay where students thrive academically and personally.. I am incredibly proud of each and every student for setting such high standards of excellence and paving the way for future success.- Mr. Akram Tarik, CEO & Principal

Congratulations to our amazing Year 11 IGCSE Mathematics and English Literature students. This special group of students is the first cohort of IGCSE early entries in GFM history.

Why is this so special?

Because they are on an accelerated pathway, taking their IGCSEs nearly a year early!

A special mention to Hafsa for scoring 195/200 in Maths and 141/150 in English Literature. 

Further special mention to the following students in Mathematics: Kavyan, who scored 198/200, and Pranav and Milind, both scoring 189/200. 
Additionally, special mention goes to the following students in English Literature: Joory for scoring 136/150, Lajina for scoring 135/150, Mustafa and Lujain for both scoring 128/150.

We take immense pride in this phenomenal milestone achievement of our students. We thank our teachers for their exceptional efforts to challenge and drive our students to achieve great success” Ms. Mia Chorfi, Head of Secondary

97% of students attained a grade 8 or above in Mathematics.  
96% of students attained a grade 6 or above in English Literature 
63% of all grades attained where grade 8 or above

exam results

Key Highlights 2023-2024

  • Our students achieved 11% Grade 9s 
  • 1 in 2 students achieved an A* (Grade 9-8)  
  • 69%students achieved at least 1 A or A* (7-9) grade in all subjects
  • 28of students achieved the equivalent of grade B and above across all subjects. 
  • 51% of all GCSE Grades at GFM were a C or above.

    Top Performers From 2023:

      Name A*/9-8 A-B/7-6
      Anna Maria Samaan 9
      Baha Aldeen Abdul Rahman M. Heasat 9
      Hana Ahmed  Awad 8 1
      Eshal Ahmed 7 1
      Hanin Ehab Moustafa Mahmoud Khater 7
      Naisha Agarwal 7 2
      Rayan Ibrahim 7 2
       Mohammed Houzefa  6  4
       Nay Abdul Rahman M. Heasat  6  3
       Ronak Karlapudi  6  3
       Sara Atif Adlan Abdelsadig  6  2
       Chaudhry Hattaan Pervaiz  5  3
       Faham Ehtisham  3
       Mohamad Qussay Abdul Rahman Altair  5  4
       Ysabelle Leila Java Cajandab  5  4
       Ashwati Palanivel  4  5
       Aaliya Mohamed Ahmed  4  4
       Hisham Suhaib Siddiqui  4  4
       Hoor Walid Alhussin  4  2
       Maryam Haitham Monir Abdelaziz Kasem  4  4
       Taleen Fadi Alsakka  4  4
       Younis Ahmed Abdulelah  4  1
       Ziad Ahmed Samir Kotb Kotb  4  4