oxy 620x700

Oxymix, a unique oxygen delivery system

Oxymix is a unique oxygen delivery mask with sensors using Internet of Things to connect to health-care centres and definitely meets the criteria for fulfilling UAE’s Sustainable Development Goal No 3 for healthcare and wellbeing.

Overwhelmed by the impact that COVID-19 had on people, five young boys Giorgio Abdo, Yahia Awad, Omar Anwar, Maalik Ahmed, and British Azaan Adnan wanted to play a role in supporting and saving the lives of patients who were dying due to oxygen deprivation. They learnt that when oxygen saturation fell, many patients passed away due to lack of oxygen cylinders or for not being able to make it to the medical facility on time.

They wanted to build a device that would be as easily available as masks and at the same time could be controlled by professionals to ensure oxygen supply. The idea was to overcome limited oxygen supply, number of doctors and hospital facilities. Oxy-mix can also be used in treating cases of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and even cancer.