Aspirations Programme

A fully supported programme of impartial careers guidance is an essential part of our work with students at GEMS Founders, Al Mizhar.

If we are to develop highly qualified, aspirational young adults, they must be able to make outstanding progress after they leave us, as well as while they are in our care.

We know that a successful aspirations programme does more than prepare students for the future; it helps them make the right choices in school and encourages them to engage with their academics to reach their career goals. 

The Director of Aspirations at GEMS Founders, Al Mizhar assists students to discuss their concerns/queries about careers and educational pathways through a range of methods.

Students have 1:1 session with the Director of Aspirations where students discuss their aspirations and pathways.  They are made aware of the new and diverse trending pathways available to get a great start in their professional lives.  They also have the opportunity of networking with leading universities locally and internationally to gain more information about courses, scholarships and much more through university visits held at the school.

In addition to this, students are also guided through the university application process and to determine the next steps related to the admission process for universities.

Students are given the opportunity to gain hands-on learning experience through internships. Internships help them to decide whether they are suited for a specific career in a specific industry or if they should consider some other career. Internships done while at Key stage 4 and 5 therefore prevent students, upon graduating, from getting into jobs that leave them dissatisfied. Besides, while interning, they can build professional contacts that can help gain future employment.


At GEMS Founders, Al Mizhar our students explore how interests lead to different education pathways using the Unifrog platform. They also have access to look at the next steps to stand the best chance of application success to various undergraduate course in the UK, every undergraduate programme taught in English in Europe, as well as opportunities in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and much more. 

Students have the opportunity to try out different MOOCs for various subject areas and attend webinars from various universities across the globe. 

Ms. Mitzi Amaral, the Director of Aspirations, can be contacted for any questions relating to careers, qualifications, or higher education, please email her at [email protected].