Occupational Therapy

Develops and enhances your childs’ age-appropriate motor, sensory, behavioural, cognitive and social skills. Interventions are age appropriate and multidisciplinary with the primary goal to enable your child to participate in the activities of everyday life.

What is it?

At GFM our Occupational Therapist will work with parents and teachers to support students experiencing delays, disabilities, or health challenges through the provision of therapeutic intervention to promote skill development, compensatory strategies, adaptations to the child’s environment, and/or modifying the task/curriculum. Occupational Therapy (OT) supports individuals of all ages develop the necessary skills to live, learn, work and play, promoting independence and quality of life. For a child, this may include the development of daily living skills such as accessing the school curriculum (e.g., handwriting skills, time management, and organization, interacting/playing with peers), engaging in self-care tasks, self-regulation, behavior management and becoming more independent in their day to day activities.

Who needs it?

Children displaying difficulties in any of the below-mentioned areas may benefit from Occupational Therapy.
Fine Motor/Gross Motor difficulties
Coordination difficulties
Decreased strength or range of motion
Self-care delays
Social difficulties
Visual Motor delays
Visual Perceptual delays
Handwriting difficulties
Sensory processing difficulties
Behavioral or attention difficulties
Executive Functioning difficulties
Developmental Delays
Learning Difficulties
Vocational and Transition Support
Therapies & Processes
Our therapy delivery and approaches include:
Screening and Assessment
Individual therapy
Group intervention sessions
Parent/Teacher training
Play-based intervention services
Child-led and clinician-directed therapy approaches
Sensory Integration
Applied Behavior Analysis
Social Skills Programs
Self-Regulation Programs
Vocational and Transitioning Programs