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GEMS Founders School – Al Mizhar is an international UK curriculum school, providing students in the Dubai with the high standard of education that GEMS Education embodies.

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    GEMS Founders School – Al Mizhar offers a value-based British education...

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    University Destinations

    GEMS students are accepted by some of...

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    Admissions Now Open for Academic Year 2024-25

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From the Principal

Mr. Akram Tarik
It is my pleasure to welcome you to GEMS Founders, Al Mizhar (GFM). As Principal, it is a pleasure, a privilege and my duty to ensure that all students receive an outstanding education. I am clear that GFM exists to provide our community with an education of the highest standard and I want every child, your son or daughter, to be ‘tomorrow’s successful and caring citizens’. This is an expectation I have for all students.

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    Foundation Stage

    FS1 - FS2

    The Foundation Stage of school introduces young learners to school-life, as students develop their motor skills, foundation-level numeracy and literacy skills, and self-esteem through play-based...

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    Primary School

    Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

    At this stage students are introduced to subjects that will lay the foundation for learning as they go into higher year levels. Learning is still exciting and the learning atmosphere is stimulating.

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    Secondary School

    Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4

    At this stage, the student is ready for creative and accelerated learning. The students become aware of the need to set daily goals and have long-term objectives.


Know Why Parents Choose GFM

  • Everyone here works together to achieve one common goal that is what is best for our children as a family. We are proud to be part of the Founder' family.


    Parent of Simon (Y07) & Natalie (Y03)

  • As a founding parent, I am extremely happy with the management, teachers and environment provided by the school. This was definitely a right choice for me to shift my kids into GFM. Amidst the pandemic, the school has had high precautions and keeping in with the safety guidelines ensuring our children's safety and providing them with the right education.


    Parent of Insuyah (Y10) & Mustansir (Y06)

  • As one of the founder members I am very happy that I made the chose to choose GFM for my Kids. Both Kids have been at founders from day one. I am very happy with the teachers and the secure environment the school has provided for the kids during the pandemic.

    The school has always followed the safety guidelines and I am happy to think my kids will be safe when they are in school.

    I want to thank the Principle and the teachers for a job well done.


    Sureni Perera

    Parent of Kanishka (Y10) and Kiana (Y05)

  • As a parent, I have always found the way of communication between the staff at Gems Founder - Al Mizhar and myself open at all times. Students are treated, without exception, with kindness and respect, each child is made to feel so valued and important.

    My 2 boys has obtained so much confidence during their time in the schools and It is so wonderful to see them growing in confidence and I refer much of this development to the way they are cared for and taught while at gems Founder - Al Mizhar. The level of care and dedication displayed by the amazing staffs and teachers.


    Salama Al Suwaidi

    Parent of Sultan Al Falasi (Y2) & Saif Al Falasi (Y1)

  • GFM has been perfect fit for my kids. I really appreciate how school values feedback of each parent and work on them to ensure our children have the best school experience especially during this challenging times.

    Thanking all teachers and administration who has  provided great guidance and support.


    Mrs. Sylvia

    Parent of Ryan (Y08) & Mehr (Y02)

  • As a parent of GFM, I want to thank you all for being a constant source of support. You have always been open and available to listen to any questions or concerns I have. You have been an integral part of our family.


    Ghada Seragaldin

    Parent of Karma (Y06) & Karla (Y01)

  • It gives me immense pleasure to write few words of appreciation for the work done by the school as we were pleasantly surprised with the preparedness shown from the beginnings of the year.

    Although  the whole world facing unusual situation (COVID 19 Pandemic), the teachers are still cool and caring, the principal is reachable and keenly helps all who needs him. We sincerely appreciate the efforts taken by my sons’ teachers.

    Thanks and best wishes to the school.


    Shima Khattab

    Parent of Yossef (Y06) & Karim (Y03)

  • This is our 2nd year with GFM and I am glad that we took this decision. I would like to say that I am very impressed with my children's performances and development.

    Thank you for being such wonderfully supportive leaders and teachers. The teachers are so helpful, full of support and encouragement. In addition to the very good environment that always keeps my kids motivated to go to school and achieve their best.

    Wish you all the best and I trust you will more get recognize as one of the best education providers.


    Ammie Matar

    Parent of Lea (Y10) & Jad (Y04)


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